Artist Statement

I find awe and inspiration in the simple transcendence of our natural surroundings. I am particularly moved by visual analogies in nature—objects that share forms but not origin or function, such as tree branches, cracks in stone, light reflected through water, and rivets left by waves on the sand.

We all have visual and emotional references in our minds that deepen and inform our perception in ways that are instantaneous, visceral, and largely unconscious, which I find fascinating. To what degree is what we see and feel colored by our personal history, memory, and biology, and how much is common, shared, or universal?

These concerns, more than formal aesthetics, motivate me to paint images that capture aspects of this tension, that demonstrate innate or temporal qualities highlighting the depth and mystery in our everyday environment. While I can't always explain in words why I am moved by particular images, I do my best to present them faithfully and hope that they resonate with others.